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Top 5 Things to do in Berlin at night

Berlin’s nightlife is boasted as the most famous (or infamous-however you may see it) way to discover the city’s true nature. From epic parties held at world-famous clubs to underground dungeon debauchery, there's plenty to do when the sun goes down. To give you a sense of what the night scene is like, we've mapped out the Top 5 Things to do in Berlin at night. You'll discover the monumental sights during the evening light, and also follow the trails of the vibrant nightlife.

1. Unter den Linden boulevard

First up, the Brandenburger Tor is on the top of our list for a night-time visit, and what a sight! At the end of the Unter den Linden boulevard, the Brandenburger Tor stands illuminated by spotlights, showing the definitions of the Greek-inspired columns. Marvel at the sight, but also be conscious that this was the site of many political upheavals and reunification. Nowadays, the gates have become a gathering place for celebrations. On top of the gate is the Quadriga sculpture, which was taken away to Paris by Napoleon when he conquered in 1806 and delivered back in 1814 after his defeat.

Starting at this historic monument will give you a vantage point to reflect on the surrounding area. Walk east from the Brandenburger Tor down the Unter den Linden and you will find the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. This is where the Opera house is located, which has endured its fair share of trauma and destruction (fires, military occupations, and two devastating bombs), but has remained true to its original design and a relentless structure.

2. Berlin Cathedral

Cross the Schlossbrüke and adjacent to Lustgarten is Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom), another spectacular structure gleaming in the evening hour. The Grand Cathedral can be traced back to 1465 with humble beginnings as a parish church. The Dome took on damages during WWII, and through many restorations over the centuries, it was finally completed in 1996.

Hop on the U-Bahn to continue your night at Kreuzberg

3. BiNuu

For all you night crawlers, Berlin’s Nightlife begins with a club hidden under the Schesisches Tor U-Bahn tracks. Noticeable by the beaming stage lights projecting from high glass windows is BiNuu. The club used to house primarily goth and heavy rock bands before it opened up its doors to partygoers waiting to jump on the pulsating dance floor. Down the stairs and you’ll find a surprisingly small club, giving it an intimate feel, so when a hard-hitting, heavy rock band rolls up into town, you know the mosh-pit will be vicious (in a good way). But this place does not discriminate, it hosts an array of artist ranging from full set bands to acoustic solo artist.

4. Lido

The Kreuzberg rock/indie spirit truly exists within the walls of Lido. Once a cinema in the 50s, Lido retains a nostalgic flare with its red velvet theater seats and wood-polish bar. The building was transformed into a club in 2006 and has become the hosting ground for bands ranging from Indie/electro-pop/heavy rock in Berlin. Inside, the venue offers an underground ambiance that has been brewing through years of cinematic upbringing. The backroom provides a break from the chaotic main stage, so make good use of the second bar here. It often holds Jazz Festivals and the Kreuzberg Slam, and also musical acts such as Eagles of Death Metal, Mitski and We Are Scientist.


A brief walk down Vor Dem Schlesischen Tor will bring you to the last stop, Arena. It is right on the Spree, with its industrial remnants, the complex is now a concert/cultural venue that can house 7,500 people. Here you’ll find a variety of venues for live music, beach bars, open-air swimming pool, a whiskey distillery and clubs to suit your appetite. To get a good view on the water, the MS Hoppetosse is a ship posted on the Spree which hosts many parties. Right down the bank is the Badeschiff open air swimming pool for your midnight dip.

To discover more of Berlin’s vibrant night or day scene, check out the Berlin’s Art & Culture Guide.

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