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The Hipster Walking Route of Copenhagen

If you want to go where the hippest Danes choose to hang out, you better set your course to the west of Copenhagen in Vesterbro. The story of gentrification is a familiar one here: once a unseedy area filled with drugs and prostitution --which still exists-- that attracted working class families due to the proximity to the city center. At a time, the rough underbelly of Copenhagen continued to uphold an unreputable status. However, a new wave has welcomed itself in Vesterbro. It has now become a hub for the latest trendy restaurants, brunch spots, cafe, nightlife, and bars, which changed the neighborhood entirely. We'll take you on a mini-tour of the hipster route of Vesterbro.

Route Info

  • Route Name: The Hipster Walking Route of Copenhagen
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Best by walking
  • Highlights: Meatpacking district, cozy bars, trendy cafes, long walks on the Sønder Boulevard, thriftshop diving, art galleries galore, party at Bakken

This day route is one of the five walking routes in the travel guide 'Copenhagen City Guide' by Karina Kold. Find the extensive version of this route with interactive spots and in-depth stories available for €4,99.

The Hipster Walking Route of Copenhagen

Let's start off on the right foot, in Vesterbro, with some wholehearted breakfast at Mad & Kaffe in Vesterbro. If you're like us and have a difficult time deciding what to order, you'll be relieved when your breakfast arrives on a wooden board; each dish is portioned off with its own bowl or ramekin. From the moment you arrive at the restaurant, you can begin ticking off the boxes on the menu and choose the dishes you desire, it's easy to be over zealous and take the check off seven. There are traditional breakfast bread rolls, smoked salmon, soy blueberry yogurt homemade muesli & berries, link sausages, scrambled eggs and plenty more. Popular with families, eager brunch-goers, and travelers, this place can be quite packed (even when it's raining) and it's no wonder why.

If brunch is too overrated for you, settle for a more straight to the point, no-frills breakfast at Café Dyrehaven. It's popular but you won't have to bother with the hassle of waiting. Eggs Benedict, museli, and avocado toast are just some of the highlights from the menu. They've got all your breakfast demands if you need help satisfying the breakfast craving. Pick up your food and go. There's more of Vesterbro to be explored.

Stroll down the Sønder Boulevard where you'll find an alotted space for a children's playground, sports fields, a flower garden and plenty of green grass for the outdoors feel. After the pleasant stroll, walk back on Oehlenschlægersgade street where you can choose your next part of the itinerary.

If you want to see where famous Danish beers were once brewed, head to the Carlsberg Brewery to your left down Istedgade street. This is still within the Vesterbro area, but it's a bit of a walk to get to the brewery. There is an open-air exhibition where you can take a guided or self-guided tour. However, taking the right turn on Istedgade will bring you to trendy cafes, tattoo shops, and restaurants, a completely different vibe from the unsavory scene of drugs and prostitution. The alternative and student culture to the area brings in a new vibe to the once unreputable area.

Looking to add a couple of clothing articles to your closet? Go thrift shop hunting at Rude for a vintage shopping spree, where the photos, dresses, and accessories all reflect the resurgence of vintage. The wooden floors and countertops give you a sense of an old spaghetti western movie, the old vintage pin-up girls photos is a classic touch to the store. Here, you'll fall in love with unique one-of-a-kind items from the 50s or 60s, polka dotted dresses, and patterned tops.

Escape from the vintage paradise and walk on over to Neighborhood for some experimental organic pizzas and feisty cocktails. This is the definition of what Vesterbro has become: a creative food hub that welcomes people with its communal seats and creative dishes, a perfect blend of classic Italian pizza meets Danish mentality. The combination of toppings are intriguing yet enticing: braised pork and kimchi, salted potatoes and brie, fresh peaches and blå kornblomst cheese, and fried bacon topped with mozzarella and romaine hearts. This is a popular joint, so get there early if you're eating out on the weekend.

Swing back around and cross over Sønder Boulevard to the corner to the Meatpacking District. Sharing the same name as the famous New York neighborhood, this thriving food hub has been a popular location for food markets, fresh produce, microbreweries, nightlife and creative spaces. Consisting of three different areas (white, grey and brown), you'll find a cluster of exciting hotspots to tease your senses. Grab a tasty burger from Tommi's Burger Joint, or a crisp pint of craft beer and classic BBQ from Warpigs, and Fleisch for your carnivore cure. The area is also surrounding by art galleries housing contemporary art, video, and interactive installations to challenge the audience's perspective. End your night in Copenhagen at Bakken, an open club filled with colorful lights, an open patio and live music for some rave-filled atmosphere.

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