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Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is by far the most popular destination in the Netherlands, no doubt about it, but while the City of Canal Rings is exciting to any traveler, Dutch cities across the country have much to offer. We’ll guide you to some of the best Dutch cities and destinations that should be on your map the next time you visit!

Amsterdam-Noord Route

Travel time: 5 minutes from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the picturesque, canal-flowing, biking city, but Amsterdam Noord (North in Dutch) is the answer to the city’s alternative and creative spirit. Hop on the free 5-minute ferry from Central Station and venture to territories untouched by most tourists. You’ll get to experience the artistic hubs, graffiti ridden walls, trendy cafes and restaurants, and festival grounds open to the masses. | Read more about The Amsterdam Noord Route

Amsterdam Noord


Travel time: 1 hour & 30 mins from Amsterdam by car, or 2-hour train ride from Amsterdam.

Giethoorn is a beautiful and idyllic symbol of the Dutch village lifestyle. The fascination is obvious with the narrow waterways only accessible by boat, thatched-roof houses, and car-free zones, it is a prime example of Dutch ingenuity at its best. Relax and enjoy the Venice of the North.


De Keukenhof

Travel time: 1 hour 10 minute bus ride from Amsterdam. Or 1 hour bus ride from Schipol Airport. Or a 45 minute car ride from Amsterdam.

De Keukenhof gardens cannot be left off this list. It’s one of the main attractions that drives travelers to the Netherlands, flowing through Amsterdam, catching the blooming of millions of tulips upon Dutch fields. It’s all Tulip Madness again between the months of March-May. You can fully immerse yourself within the colorful, flowery gardens. Skip the line tickets for the Keukenhof are available in March 2018.

De Keukenhof

Shopping Route in Maastricht

Travel time: 2 hour and 30 mins drive/train ride from Amsterdam

Shop till you drop in the historic city of Maastricht. Wander through the narrow shopping alleys, witnessing the latest trends in fashion, browse through independent labels, and find locally made products for souvenir gifts. The city has transformed into a hub for shopaholics. | Read more about the Shopping Route in Maastricht


Canal Route through The Hague

Travel time: 45 minute train ride from Amsterdam

Discover the historic route through the city of peace & justice as you walk through some of the Hague’s best-kept secrets. Climb the towering The Hague tower for the perfect panoramic view, sample exotic cuisines in Chinatown, and bargain your way through The Hague market for some of the freshest local products. You’ll leave the city having experienced an alternative side of The Hague. | Read more about the Canal Route through The Hague

The Hague

Experience the port city of Rotterdam

Travel time: 40 minute train ride from Amsterdam

Experience a fun-filled day along the River Maas in Rotterdam with your little adventurers. Starting the day with the Museumplein, with educational museums and exhibitions to stimulate their minds, then off for some playtime in Het Park, where they can freely play in the wide open space. As Lisette Jerkovic says, “[In] Rotterdam, everything is possible! Besides that, living in Rotterdam is never boring. There are so many things to do, especially with your kids, so it's always a good time.” | Read the Interview with Lisette Jerkovic of the Kleine Rotterdammer

Photo of Lisette Jerkovic | Photo credit: Prisca Visser

The City Route through Utrecht

Travel time: 30 minute train ride from Amsterdam

Many visitors spend a great amount of time exploring Amsterdam, however, the bustling city lifestyle can put on a weight on your travels. That’s why Utrecht is a great alternative to experience the true Dutch lifestyle, minus the tourist. You can enjoy a day full of canal walking, dome climbing, baked goods binging and Miffy exploring. Enjoy a peaceful and picturesque time in Utrecht, whether it’s in the fall, spring or summer. | Read more about Utrecht’s best highlights


The Fashion Route in Arnhem

Travel time: 1 hour train ride from Amsterdam

Design and creativity joins harmoniously in the city of Arnhem. The do-it-yourself movement is alive and well within the city, and can be seen in the Modekwartier (Fashion Quarter). Browse through this creative hubs, craft stores, trendy cafes, designer shops, art galleries, chic hotels, as you will also absorb the irresistible charms of the Eastern city. | Read more about the Fashion Route in Arnhem.


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