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Guidebooks about Berlin

Going Green in Berlin

Oh, this city! Berlin is a mecca for unconventional dreams, a place where new trends evolve and where locals are curious and hungry for new ideas and lifestyles. I wrote this guide to help you explore the capital’s buzzing green scene, finding lots of inspiration to lead a more conscious life - without forgetting to play and have fun! Whether its a vegan crêperie in Neukölln, a cold-pressed juice bar in Mitte, an eco-fashion store in Friedrichshain, an urban gardening project in Kreuzberg or a sustainable utopia right by the river Spree – let me take you on a journey to everything beautiful that’s shaping the green face of the city. What's special about these places is that they are not necessarily yelling into your face “I’m eco!”. Instead, they draw you in because they are actually doing or selling beautiful stuff! And, on top, it is green and eco-minded. No finger-wagging, no preaching. All that matters is trying something new. Berliners generally care much less about material things. There’s this great uplifting vibe of people who just go out and make things happen. That’s why the side streets and hidden backyards are filled with these small, individual gems that simply put a smile on your face. And did you know that Berlin is the vegan capital of Europe? There's around 30 creative plant-based eateries, from donut bar to exclusive gourmet temples. Don’t worry carnivores, you'll also find many restaurants that only use ecologically sourced meats - but I encourage you to go with an open mind, you will be surprised. I’ll try to give you a big round-up of all those exciting trends in the city, hoping to add lots and lots of inspiration and great memories to your trip. Oh yes, I strongly advise you to rent a bicycle to get the most out of my tours - Berlin is just much more fun on two wheels. Now, let's go green in this urban jungle. And remember: always be prepared to be amazed!

  • Claudi Sult
  • Claudi Sult