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The Road to Hana in Maui

With 91 kilometers, 54 bridges, and 600 hairpin turns, the Road to Hana in Maui is one of the most famous drives in the United States. The Road to Hana is a legend, with twisting roads nestled between the lush rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. Along your route, visit the many stops along the coast such as waterfalls, ocean vistas, sacred pools, and volcanic tubes.

Route info

  • Route name: The Road to Hana in Maui
  • Distance: 91 KM
  • Start and end point: from Paia to Haleakala National Park
  • Best by car; a four-wheel-drive is recommended to avoid carsickness.
  • Suggested duration: 1-2 days
  • Best time to visit: all year long
  • Highlights: the ‘Ohe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools), waterfalls, panoramic views, long stretches of beaches.

The Road to Hana is one of the day routes in the travel guide The beautiful island Maui. Download this guide with 7 different day trips on the island of Maui for €6,99.

The Road to Hana in Maui


Start your route in Paia, early in the morning around 7 or 7:30, since you’ve got a long day ahead and the sunsets at around 6 pm. If you’re planning to leave later on in the day, you’ll encounter more traffic on the road and more tourists at the waterfalls. Make sure to fill up your car in Paia, as the next gas stop is in Hana and this can be rather expensive.

Leave the hippie town Paia behind you to visit the first stop on the route towards the Garden of Eden: The Twin Falls (mile marker #2.1). These two falls in the Ho’olawa Valley are quite close to the entrance and the Hana Highway. The Twin Falls are a bit smaller than their bigger sisters and is located further inland.

Continue your drive and have a quick stop at the Waikamoi Nature Trail (mile marker #9.9). Stretch your legs with a small walk before entering the nearby Garden of Eden (mile marker #10.5). The botanical garden is famously credited as the opening scene of Jurassic Park and remains one of the main highlights on the Road to Hana today. The ocean views and the well-maintained gardens are perfect for a lovely stroll. Don’t miss out on the 100-year-old Mango Tree, and the Upper Puohokamoa Waterfalls (restricted access).

For those looking for an affordable alternative to the Garden of Eden (entrance is $15), you should consider visiting the Ke’anae Arboretum (free entrance), decorated with the rainbow eucalyptus, which is a short drive down the road (mile marker #16.7).


After visiting the Garden of Eden, continue your route towards the Upper Waikani Falls (mile marker #19.6). For a snack, make a quick stop at Halfway to Hana cafeteria or Aunty Sandy’s Banana Bread, for some fresh fruit juices and banana bread.

The Upper Waikani Falls are also called the Three Bears. The waterfalls beam in crystal clear waters, flowing into the pool below, a great place for a hike for those adventure seekers. There are also picture opportunities from the bridge (next to the road), but for the adventurous ones, a dramatic climb down closer to the waterfall is a must. Once you’ve arrived at the bottom of the falls, the stunning surrounding is perfected if you can enjoy the pool all to yourself. Always be careful with slippery stones and wet paths.


After your little swim, it’s time to dry up again and make your way towards the next stop: Waianapanapa State Park. On your route there, you’ll come across another must-see stop, the Hana Lava Tube (mile marker #31). If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, explore the Hana Lava Tube tunnel, which formed approximately 960 years ago as a result of molten lava spewing. This family-friendly activity offers a 40-min tour running from 10.30 to 16.00 ($11.95 per person), where you’ll discover these natural tunnels and caves forged out by volcanism.

Continue your route along Hana Road to Waianapanapa State Park (mile marker #32) to explore the glamorous and mysterious black sand beach named Pa’iloa. It is accompanied by two legendary freshwater caves and a sea blowhole - be aware to stand back! Stroll around here for 45 minutes to discover this beautiful part of the Road of Hana.

Black sand beach Pa’iloa


To no surprise, the Road to Hana is named after the city of Hana, and you would assume that this is the final destination of this route. However, there are many places to discover a little bit further down the road.

The city, located on the eastern end of the island, is rather small and is one of the most isolated communities in the state. Hana is a great place for a snack or lunch stop, or an overnight stay when making a 2-day trip.

Around Hana there are some stunning beaches where you can easily take the time to sunbathe or swim. Visit the Red Sand Beach on Kaihalulu Bay, with the brightly lit red sand. Absolutely breathtaking! Although the hike towards the beach is quite hazardous (only for experienced hikers), the beautifully hidden cove makes for a dramatic scene like no other.

Red Sand Beach


On the last part of the Road to Hana, you’ll encounter some of the most iconic highlights of the route. Driving from Hana towards Haleakala National Park, you’ll pass the Koki Beach Park (mile marker #24.1) and Hamoa Beach (mile marker #51.1), both beautiful beaches to relax on and, perhaps, go surfing.

Once you’ve arrived in the Haleakala National Park, you’ll find the most famous attraction on the Road to Hana- the ‘Ohe’o Gulch (mile marker #42), also called the Seven Sacred Pools. The seven waterfalls string together in small pools, where you can decide to jump in and bathe in each pool. Although the pools are temporarily closed off at the moment because of mudslides, the trails closeby are still open, Pipiwai and Waimoku Falls. Keep your entrance ticket for the Haleakala National Park, as it’s valid for 3 days and you can still use it for watching the beautiful sunset from the park another day.

Additional Tips for The Road to Hana:

  • Bring enough water (and food) with you
  • Bring some cash as most stalls don’t accept cards
  • Bring your swimming and hiking gear
  • Fill your car up in Paia, as the next gas station is at Hana and prices are relatively high.

The Road to Hana is one of the day routes in the travel guide The beautiful island Maui. Download this guide with 7 different day trips on the island of Maui for €6,99.

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