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The Hidden Beach Route in Ibiza

A day road trip in Northern Ibiza leads to some of the best beach and cultural spots on the island. With 160 km of coastline wrapped around the island and only 45 km of highway, the open road is calling you to discover the surrounding Ibiza area by car. We'll navigate you through pristine beaches frequented by locals, beachfront cafes, and hippie cultural hubs that have been here long before the tourism boom.

Route Info

  • Route name: The Hidden Beach Route in Ibiza
  • Total length: 67 KM
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Best time to go: Late June & September
  • Highlights: Quiet coastal town, hippie market, local beaches, and traditional villages.
  • Best by car or motorcycle

Ibiza Town - Santa Eulalia (14 KM)

If a little bit of peace and serenity is what you're after, then depart from the rowdy crowd of Ibiza and head towards the quiet town of Santa Eulalia. Where to go? Take the PMV-810-1, and you'll arrive in the heart of this coastal resort town. A stroll on the beach front promenade is a perfect way to walk off last night's hangover. You'll be tempted to head for the long, sandy beach next to the promenade, where you can go swimming, banana boating, paddle boating, or water skiing. Dry off on the terrace in the best people watching spot in the heart of the town at Royalty Bar, where you'll find some delicious, coffee, breakfast and pastries.

Santa Eulalia - San Carlos (6.4 KM)

Head to San Carlos on the PM-810, towards the original hippie community where you'll feel as if time has stopped in its tracks. The village has plenty of cultural landmarks to offer, such as the first hippie bar on Ibiza, Anita's Bar, where you can strike up a casual conversation with the patrons and eat some delicious tapas. All year round on a Saturday, you can find the vivid hippie market at Las Dalias. This congregation is a filled with booths, tents, and stalls selling colorful bohemium clothing and accessories, local artwork, and natural products. If you're lucky, you can catch live performances at the venue.

San Carlos - Aguas Blancas (4.1 KM)

Continue on the PM-810 from San Carlos to Cala de Sant Vincent, and you'll find Aguas Blancas beach. The rugged cliff face and golden, sandy beach front is frequented by locals, which is a splendid option to take some time off the road. To access the beach, park your car on the side of the road or at the parking lot at the top of the cliff, and from here you can make your way down the footpath towards the beach. (Note: this is also a popular spot for the nudist community, so let loose!)

Aguas Blancas - Cala San Vicente (4.5 KM)

Since there is an endless supply of beaches on this island, you can make your way to Cala San Vicente for some lively seafront action. On route along the PM-810 highway, you'll find that this island gives you a spectacular view of the coastline: clear blue waters from below and the hillside slopes which add the perfect backdrop for your road trip. Cala San Vicente offers a variety of beach bars and cafes, such as On the Beach and Hidden bar.

Cala San Vicente - Portinatx(15 KM)

A quick detour to Portinatx, once a small fishing village turned into a family vacation destination, will greet you with beach parasols, the highest lighthouse in the Balearics, and a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. A quick walk around the lighthouse, Punta de Moscarter, will reveal the stunning cliff face dropping straight down into the sea. If you're staying for a while, Portinatx has a small, but vibrant night scene that will get to you dancing on the beach.

Portinatx- Santa Gertrudis (21 KM)

Follow the PM-811 to the last stop in Santa Gertrudis, which is a typical Ibicenco village in the central part of the island. The village plaza is open to pedestrians to stroll around and offers many restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, galleries, craft stores to browse through. Modern buildings are now segmenting their way into the traditional rhythm of life, but the church standing in the center of town gives an idyllic snapshot of the past.

Head back to Ibiza town to catch the sun set. For more information and recommendations on accommodation, hot spots, activities, restaurants, and cafes, check out the Magical Ibiza Guide and De Idyllische Stranden van Ibiza (in Dutch)

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