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The Best Things You'll Ever Eat in Düsseldorf

German food is often synonymous with sausages, sauerkraut, and potatoes. But here in Düsseldorf, Germany the expensive food scene is challenging that idea. It is a wonderful mash-up of German traditions and international influences that will redefine your expectation of the North-Rhine Westphalia. If you’re new to Düsseldorf and are curious about what the locals eat, we've compiled some of the best food Düsseldorf has to offer. Check out local expert Jenna Davis’ Travel Guide “Dusseldorf like a local,” for more mouthwatering hotspots.

Bistro Zicke | Breakfast and Brunch

If you want to step up your breakfast/brunch game, visit Bistro Zicke for some hearty meals, freshly baked croissants, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit and yogurt. Serving breakfast until 16:00, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast fix way into the afternoon.

Photo: Sabrina M.J.

Schweine Janes | German

If you are a carnivore and want to get a taste of traditional German cookery, a visit to Schweine Janes will surely satisfy your appetite. You can get a full view of the rotisserie, roasting the Schweinhaxe (roasted ham hock) to its crispy texture. Choose from the array of options: Pork knuckles, pork sandwiches, wiener schnitzel, pork shank, with a side order of fries or mash potatoes. Guten Appetit!

Photo: Ahha C.

Cafe Kleinhaus | Turkish

For an authentic taste of Turkey, turn your attention to Cafe Kleinhaus for some delicious breakfast. With a selection of scrumptious goodies on the menu, the options are endless. You can start with a healthy fruit juice to boost your vitamin C levels, or sink your teeth into some shakshuka (a saucy tomato base, egg dish), or go for some pancakes to start your morning on the right foot. Don’t forget to try the Turkish coffees!

Photo: Nicole W.

Pizzaria Lupo | Italian

In Düsseldorf, Pizzaria Lupo reigns supreme in the pizza category. You don't have to go all the way to experience the Italian way of life. Not only is it their tasty wood-oven pies the main attraction, but the prices are affordable, and the large portions keep happy customers returning. Choose from a variety of toppings such as margarita with zesty arugula, scampi, mozzarella, funghi prosciutto, artichoke, and salami and much more!

Fischhaus | Seafood

Even though Düsseldorf is nowhere near the sea, you can still dine out at Fischhaus for some fresh and delectable seafood dishes. Their menu is a range of catches from the sea, consisting of seared fish, lobster pasta, raw oysters, octopus appetizers, deep-fried calamari, grilled prawns, and clams. The traditional restaurant can rack up quite a wait, but if you’re eager on an all seafood dinner, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Photo: Christopher S.

Frittenwerk | Canadian Street food

If all you ever wanted was fries for dinner, you’ve got to eat here at Frittenwerk. This Canadian style street food heaven is dishing out some fantastic fries with a plethora of crowd-pleasing toppings. Based on the Canadian poutine, Frittenwerk works their magic combining some exciting toppings to their fries foundation. Their toppings are extravagant and hearty, ranging from pulled pork with BBQ sauce and coleslaw to Mexican-style guacamole, sour cream, and Pico de gallo. If you can’t stomach all of that, just choose a simple layer of lemon-mayo or their warm ketchup.

Photo: Anja G.

Papa Yong | Korean

Three words: Korean Soul Food. Now you might be wondering what this place has to offer. Well, this Korean restaurant has your traditional Korean tapas alongside open-faced barbecue dishes, sizzling hot meat plates, bibimbap (traditional hot rice dish with veggies & meat), cold noodles, gyoza, and savory pancakes. It's great for those summer nights where you want to try every tapas dish, or those cold winter days to warm up your soul. Pop in for some authentic Korean treats to satisfy your cravings.

Photo: Papa Young

Takumi Ramen | Japanese

Dusseldorf is home to the third largest Japanese population in the whole of Europe. So it’s safe to say that they’ve got a pretty good repertoire of Japanese restaurants. Takumi Ramen is loved by locals and beckons travelers to savor a traditional bowl of ramen. Each ramen is crafted to near perfection, with al-dente noodles, a selection of enhancing toppings and glistening pork slices, all to give you the umami experience. Takumi Dusseldorf is so popular, it has now expanded into the Netherlands, in Rotterdam.

Photo: Takumi

Discover all these spots, interactive maps, local insights and more in the “Dusseldorf like a local” Guide written by local writer Jenna Davis.

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