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The Coastal Route São Miguel, Azores

A vacation in the Azores never ceases to amaze travelers when it comes to the grand, rugged terrains. Each corner glistens with the all-embracing nature, which adds a timeless effect to those lucky enough to set foot on São Miguel. If you haven't planned an Azores day trip into your itinerary yet, then seize the opportunity to drive across the island with our latest Azores travel guide São Miguel, Azores. One such route to explore starts from Ponte Delgada, via Caloura, and ending in Vila Franca Do Campo - the southern tip of Sao Miguel's coastline. When arriving at Vila Franca Do Compo, you'll be welcomed by the sight of the islet, just 1 km from the laid-back village, which offers a wide range of things to do.

Route Info

  • Route name: The Coastal Route São Miguel, Azores
  • Distance: 33 km
  • Suggested duration: 1 day
  • Best by: car
  • Best time to visit: During May/June for whale watching
  • Highlights: Eating fresh fish in Caloura, whale watching tour in Vila Franca do Campo, the island.

  • Find the interactive travel guide for São Miguel including 5 day trip routes, all the island's highlights, GPS location, maps, and photos in the travel guide São Miguel, Azores for €4,99.


    If you're running out of things to do in Ponte Delgada, set your course on the EN1-1A heading east of the Island along the south coast. This winding route will have you driving through one of the most scenic areas in the Azores. Navigating through the sky-high mountains on the left, and on the other side, the jaw-dropping edges of the sea. After about 20 minutes on the road, you'll see signs for Caloura, a picturesque fishing village nestled along the coastline.


    There's more to Caloura than you'd expect. If you're a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) enthusiast, then this quiet little harbor offers the best spot for the watersports. The serene harbor will help you glide through the water effortlessly as you explore the tranquil cove. Rent boards at the port and make your way to water for some SUP fun! Once you reach the water, you'll be greeted by the black sandy beaches, crimson cliffs, and clear blue water.

    Looking for a place to eat in Caloura? Ditch the cold-cut sandwiches and indulge yourself in some seafood and fresh catch. Have a quick lunch break at Bar Caloura. The breathtaking view of the ocean and selection of sustainable seafood will confirm your thoughts that the Azores is truly a paradise. Pick the latest fish catch of the day or try their popular dish, lapas, which are mussels sauteed in butter, garlic, and herbs. Only available in certain season, so try the dish when it's on the menu! You'll have to say goodbye to this little village as you continue your way onwards to your next destination.


    Vila Franca do Campo will welcome you with open arms with the list of fun activities you can enjoy. From whale watching, beach bumming, snorkeling, swimming, boating and even beer drinking. Switching gears from the car to the boat, hop on an Azores cruise or take a Whale Watching tour with Terra Azul Azores. With the tour, you'll embark onto the crisp, clear water and look out for the majestic creatures surfacing from the ocean. You'll also make a stop at the Islet Vila Franca do Campo, which is a national park preserving the natural wildlife. The peninsula opens up to a bay, which is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. After the fun excursion, you can relax in the sun with a chill beer at A Lagoinha Cervejaria, where locals join travelers for some craft brew.

    Find the interactive travel guide for São Miguel including 5 day trip routes, all the island's highlights, GPS location, maps, and photos in the travel guide São Miguel, Azores for €4,99.

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