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Interview with Kleine Rotterdammer

Communication officer, super mom, blogger and local expert of Rotterdam, Lisette Jerkovic holds many titles as she freelances, runs her own company and raises two little boys. She lives in the Dutch port city with her husband, Stefan, and their two sons, Ruben and Boris. Just over three years ago, she started Kleine Rotterdammer; a blog focused on quality family time, events, and hotspots for mothers and kiddies living in Rotterdam. This year, she launched her first digital guidebook 'Rotterdam met Kids,' with Favoroute to showcase some of her favorite family-friendly Rotterdam hotspots. We sat with Lisette to chat about her inspiration for starting her successful blog and what she loves about her city.

Lisette Jerkovic with Boris. Photo credit: Annemarie Andriessen

Q: What makes Rotterdam special to you?

I really like the atmosphere in this city. Everything is possible! Besides that, living in Rotterdam is never boring. There are so many things to do, especially with your kids, so it's always a good time.

Q: What is your favorite route to take in Rotterdam with your kids?

One of my favorite routes is also part of my travel guide. It starts in Oostplein, then you can walk along the river Maas, and your final destination is Witte de Withstraat, where you can enjoy lots of nice restaurants from many different cuisines, and it's also a great place to sit and relax.

Photo credit: Kleine Rotterdammer

Q: What was your inspiration to start Kleine Rotterdammer?

My four-year-old son, Ruben, was my primary inspiration for Kleine Rotterdammer. He made me understand what it truly means to be a 'mom.' After he was born, I wanted to spend more quality time with him in the city. I believe that being outside of our home is a good environment for him, and also for me, but it was difficult to find resources about places in Rotterdam for mothers and children to go. Before I started the blog, there were no websites where I could find kid-proof hotspots in Rotterdam specifically, so I started Kleine Rotterdammer. At first, it was a hobby of mine, and now, it has become a full-blown business.

Q: As a family and Rotterdam expert, what do you look for in a hotspot for it to be included on Kleine Rotterdammer?

A lot of things, haha! When you're a mother, you have to keep many things in mind for your kids. Most importantly, the food on the menu should be kid-friendly and nutritious, something that they will end up liking and is good for them. Children should be able to play a bit while they are sitting in a feeding chair. There should be a space for a stroller. Also, it must be a place where I can relax with a good cup of coffee, delicious food, and friendly staff. Only places I really like will be included on Kleine Rotterdammer. I adore the smaller, unique spots; those are the true gems that really accommodate to kids and mothers. I would not include the massive places where you only can eat pancakes, for example, you will not find those on the blog.

Photo credit: Prisca Visser

Q: Why did you decide to partner up with Favoroute?

That's very easy! It was already on my mind to write a travel guide about Rotterdam and where to go with kids. When Favoroute approached me, I immediately thought: let's go for it!

Q: What can readers expect from your guide?

The main part of my guide is based on routes that you can take your kids along with. I take these routes myself, so it's been tried and tested. It also includes must-see attractions, and last but not least, the nicest hotspots that are child-friendly as well.

Cafe Booon | Photo credit: Kleine Rotterdammer

Q: If readers wanted to get the latest updates from you, where can they find you?

They can check my blog Kleine Rotterdammer or my Instagram @kleinerotterdammer for a personal update of my life with the boys.

Q: Tell us something that people don't know about you?

Good question! A lot of people do not know that Stefan, my husband, was my neighbor when I start living in Rotterdam at the age of 22. We were 'buren' (Dutch for neighbors), and our first son is called Ruben, which is a mixed the two letters.

Find all of Lisette's kid-friendly reccomendations in her travel guide 'Rotterdam met Kids' (NL) available for €4,99.

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