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Interview with Alex & Kate from Prague

The dynamic duo, Aleksandr Volkov & Ekaterina Kruchina (or Alex and Kate for short), both came a long way before ending up in Prague. Busy with their studies and part-time jobs, they joined forces to create a Prague City Guide, out of their love and affection for the city of a Hundred Spires. Alex being the pen, and Kate, the organizer and photographer, captures the essence of traveling like a local, discovering the hidden gems and hotspots, and avoiding the tourist traps. We sat with Alex & Kate to find out what makes Prague so special to them and the process of running a social media food blog.

Alex & Kate in Prague

Q: Describe Prague in your own words.

Many people describe Prague in a number of ways: beautiful, medieval, cultural and so on. All of them are correct. But in our opinion, Prague is a place where you have a mixture of European traditions and Soviet-style architectures. Maybe, it is more visible to us as we come from two small towns in Russia and at the same time, we also spent a significant time of our lives in Europe. Prague is a place where both these styles intersect. It is stunning. You walk in one area, and it feels like you are somewhere in Russia. You move to the next neighborhood and it looks like a typically European. What other place on Earth would have such a wonderful contrast?

Photo by Breakfoodie

Q: What is your favourite route to take in Prague? 

There are many routes that we can talk about, but there is one which is very special for both of us. It is the route we followed on the day we started dating. Starting at Lesser Square, next to the entrance to Prague’s Castle, you can visit the castle itself and all the attractions inside (e.g. Golden Street). After that, grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and take it to the garden at the very back of that Starbucks. Move on to Charles Bridge, walking through the popular landmark. Finish the route at any restaurant in the neighborhood of the Old Town Square (we went to Belgian Bruxx which is mentioned in our guide).

Photo by Breakfoodie

Q: Tell us one advice about visiting Prague.

Prague is special in the all sort of ways. Both positive and negative. But there is one thing which makes Prague a bit different from other cities. It is the poor service provided at shops and restaurants. It always takes a while until the staff gets to service you. Sometimes, they can even ignore you, but at some point, they will come to you. So our advice is: do not take it personally if it takes some time before you get served. Don’t start complaining immediately, give them around 10 minutes.

Q: Since this was a teamwork effort in creating your guide, how did you work together on this project?

It was not a problem at all. Since we've been together for more than a year, we already got used to working with one-another. We also have another project “Breakfoodie,” which is a blog on Instagram and Facebook where we talk about different food places in Prague. Of course, there were some issues and misunderstanding during the creation, but we managed to solve them as they were appearing.

Photo by Breakfoodie

Q: Prague is described as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved cities in Europe, what makes this city significant for the both of you?

We both agree that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Prague. The significance of it to us could be simply explained. We met each other in Prague, and we are very happy that it happened to be this city. We think of it as destiny as we were supposed to meet each other back to 2012 in the UK. The city calls to us.

Q: Why did you team up with Favoroute to write your guide about Prague?

When we found out that there was an opportunity to team up with Favoroute, we immediately said “Yes.” We believe that Favoroute has done and is still doing a great job in terms of making traveler’s lives easier. We did our best and hope that our guide will show others the beauty of Prague on a local level. We want to keep on writing and sharing all the best places in Prague.

Photo by Breakfoodie

Q: What can readers expect from your guide?

We are big foodies and coffee lovers, so we are constantly exploring different cafes and restaurants. We have a pretty good idea of where to go in Prague. We have tried to include as many foodie spots as possible for different occasions, whether it is just for a cup of coffee, fashionable drink or a cozy and quiet dinner. There are also some places included in the guide which many travelers do not know about as well as popular ones which simply cannot be skipped.

Q: If readers wanted to get the latest updates from you, where can they follow you?

We are still running our Breakfoodie project which can be found on both Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #breakfoodie . We try to upload something new at least once per week. For now, we have three different sections: simply review on a foodie spot, “Surprise of the Day” where we share some specific at some café or restaurant, and recently we have introduced a new “Breakfoodie: Not in Prague” where we review places we visited outside Prague. We have many more ideas, and soon we will introduce them. We also hope that we will keep working with Favoroute as there are other areas in Prague which we haven’t talked about, yet.

Photo by Breakfoodie

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