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Düsseldorf Christmas Route

When it comes to Christmas, the Germans know how to properly throw a Christmas celebration. It’s known as Weihnachten in German; the festivities start at the end of November with the traditional Christmas markets. Treat yourself to some spiced mulled wine, gingerbread, marzipan and roasted chestnuts to warmly relieve the cold chills. While Berlin takes the cake for having the most Christmas markets in the country, a unique veil of Christmas festivities lights up the city of Düsseldorf. Come along and join the Christmas Market Route in Düsseldorf.

Route info

  • Route name: Düsseldorf Christmas Route
  • Start point: Marktplatz
  • End point: Königsallee
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Best on foot
  • Best time to visit: The Christmas Holiday season! From November 23rd to December 30th
  • Highlights: Christmas Market on Marktplatz, FlingerStraße, Engelchenmarkt, Sternchenmarkt, Schadowplatz, Jan-Wellen-Platz, Königsallee

Dusselfdorf Christmas Route

Christmas Market on Marktplatz

Düsseldorf Christmas market is bountiful and lively, with many Christmas Markets set up on squares and into the many main streets that will be bursting with the seasonal flair. Start off at the Christmas Market on Marktplatz in front of the City Hall, where you’ll find renaissance inspired stalls modeled after brick buildings surrounding the Jan Wellen statue. Here, you’ll find plenty of craftsmen and women showcasing their best work, and also happy to show you their expertise. With a mulled wine or hot chocolate in hand, you can wander through each stall and witness the life-size, hand-crafted Nativity Scene put on display, or ride the century-old merry-go-round, swirling through the night.


As you continue on your Christmas Market route, you’ll notice that the city has transformed to embrace the lights, atmosphere, and traditions of Weihnachten everywhere you go. Along the FlingerStraße, you’ll find the buildings covered in Christmas decorations and murals designed to look like traditional Düsseldorf homes with brightly lit Christmas stories. You’ll find a fantastic mulled wine stand where you can order a cherry mulled wine served out of a beer dispenser, hot chocolate, and egg liquor. Enjoy the walk on this route as you stop by to collect some souvenirs such as wooden tinker toys or hand-crafted figurines.

Engelchenmarkt on Heinrich-Heine-Platz

This particular Christmas Market is decked out in Angel theme, a heavenly atmosphere with golden lights all across the stands and streets, and it is known as ‘Angel Market’ (Engelchenmarkt in German). Immediately, you’ll be enticed by the aromatic smell of roasted chestnuts, and of course, more mulled wine. On the Heinrich-Heine-Platz itself, you’ll find the brightly lit music pavilion that continues to play joyful, Christmas themed music for everyone to follow along. You can also find popular bar stands to serve their finest alcoholic beverages here.

Sternchenmarkt at Stadtbrükchen

For a family-feel market and great food, head on over to Sternchenmarkt, known as the ‘Little Star Market’ located on the Wilhelm-Marx-Haus courtyard. Come hungry, because the food stands at this particular market is outstanding, where you can munch away on the stollen (fruit bread), roasted chestnuts, lebkuchen (a type of German flat biscuit), and chocolate-coated marshmallows in different flavors. You’ll be grateful for this spot on the journey.

Christmas Market on Schadowplatz

Departing from the traditional German Christmas, the market at Schadowplatz is set to have a newly revamped Scandinavian village to bring the great Northern region into a German setting. You’ll walk through the whimsical atmosphere surrounded by the modern building of Kö-Bogen.

Christmas Market at Jan-Wellen-Platz

Just a few steps away from Schadowplatz is the Christmas Market at Jan-Wellen-Platz. Set in the traditional wooden style stalls, travelers can enjoy their Christmas market break with the background of Kö-Bogen. The main highlight is the ice rink in the middle of the market where you can make your rounds around the rink- it doesn’t get anymore Christmassy than this. There is also a beautiful view of Hofgarden for your picture-perfect selfie. It has a great family atmosphere, but the food here is second to none. Sample the mulled wine (you can never have too much), potato pancakes, roasted chestnuts and the famous raclette (melted Swiss cheese-yum)!


As you progress into the evening, you don’t want to miss out on the sea of lights along the Königsallee. The trees are dress in golden lights that will brighten the atmosphere and get everyone ready for that Christmas cheer. A fantastic place for a photo opportunity along the embankment.


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