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Best Routes in Portugal

After spending a week in Portugal at the Web Summit, we are elated to share with you some of the best routes and beautiful destinations we’ve gotten to know and grow fond of. So without any further ado, we give you our top picks for Portugal.


Lisbon to Porto Roadtrip Route

From one destination to the next, go from Lisbon to Porto by car via the coastal route. The intercity route will bring you through sleepy fishing communities turned surfing havens and uncover historically important towns that are home to massive castles, fortresses, and palaces. Make stops here and there to appreciate the sunny beaches and glistening sea. | Read more about the Roadtrip from Lisbon to Porto

The Algarve

The West Algarve Surf & Beach Route

Explore the very tip of Portugal’s southwestern region, the Algarve. Surf, sun, and sand is the mantra around here. The rugged terrain, underdeveloped locations, hidden coves and sleepy fishing towns are any surfers’ wildest dreams. Travel the lonely road to discover the quiet beaches with rumbling wave breaks and pipelines. | Follow your surfing dream in Portugal


Local Walking Route in Lisbon

Lisbon has captured many travelers by its charming and intimate setting, the breath of modernity, and charismatic locals. With every new city, the best way to discover is by trusting a local, because they know best! The local route created by local expert Flavia Motta covers the neighborhood of Estrela, Campo de Ourique, and Principe Real. Bringing you to relaxing gardens where locals gather to exchange their daily chattering, a glimpse of the impeccable panoramic view of the city, and into the busy market that is the life force within the community. | Read more about Flavia’s route

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley Harvest Route

In the interior north of Portugal lies one of the most beautiful valleys in the region, the Douro Valley. It is known for the harvest and production of the famous Port wine. Discover the sloping valleys, sleeping vineyard towns, and the countryside charms, as you make your way through the stunning Portuguese area. | Read more about the Harvest route in the Douro Valley

Lello's Bookshop in Porto

5 Magical Spots in Portugal

From the rugged coastlines of the Algarve to the historical fortified citadels from the fallen Roman Empire, Portugal holds many of the world’s fascinating places. Even with such a small area to cover, the country has many seaside villages, dramatic terrains, beautiful cities, and majestic islands off the Mainland that is left undiscovered. But where, oh, where are the most magical places in Portugal? | Find out what the 5 Magical Spots in Portugal are…

The Azores

The Azores

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a string of archipelagos called the Azores. An autonomous region of Portugal, the islands’ remote location beckons only the most curious of travelers to venture so far out into the ocean to discover a world that replicates the Garden of Eden. Start a road trip traversing through this lush paradise, bringing you on an unforgettable trip through the breathtaking terrains full of cliffs and oceanside views. Hike up volcanic mountains and lost lakes, catch the world’s greatest migration of whales and dolphins passing through the islands. | Learn to make the best out of your time by discovering the best things to do in São Miguel


Things to do in Madeira with Kids

If you’re looking for a relaxing, beach getaway, stick to the Algarve and the Coastal Route between Lisbon and Porto. But if you are a thrill-seeking traveler (with a family) and hungry for an adventure, then Madeira is the place for you. The island blooms with a unique culture, gorgeous hiking paths leading to the very top of volcanic mountains, and a flourishing natural ecosystem. As a family, you’ll enjoy a family fun time tobogganing down the hillsides of Funchal, unraveling the 890,000-year-old volcanic caves, and dive straight into the mountainous paths with canyoning. | Read more about what family fun things you can do on Madeira