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Best Neighborhoods in Berlin

Berlin’s neighborhoods captivate both first timers and seasoned travelers, sometimes, revealing more of its identity than the main attractions. From the Gates of Brandenburg to the historic stretch of the Berlin Wall, there are plenty of sites to see. However, if you really want to get a feel of the local life, then you have to dive into the neighborhoods. To get you off on the right foot, we give you a taste of the best Berlin neighborhoods. Of course, you can get all the tips and recommendations in our Berlin Like a Local when you download our App.

Prenzlauer Berg

Great for a relaxing day at the eco-friendly open market, trendy cafes and wine bars, boutique, and family-friendly community.

Once considered the worker’s corner, Prenzlauer Berg is now a colorful neighborhood, best characterized by its cobblestone boulevards and neatly lined trees. In recent years, the area has undergone a transformation to accommodate for shop fronts and cafes to suit the growing community. In the warmer months, cyclist and baby-strollers are in an abundance, and the regular farmer's market is keeping up with the eco-friendly mindset. This is just another way to welcome those from all walks of life to participate in the coexisting nature of Berlin.

  • Grab a fresh cup of joe at NO FIRE NO GLORY.
  • Marvel at the historic Wasserturm (Water Tower), which was constructed after the reunification.
  • Shop at the Kollwitzplatz for the farmer’s market on Saturdays.
  • Indulge at Muse, a neighborhood restaurant with an award-winning stature that serves up a variety of comfort food.


Great for admiring the neighborhood's alternative and graffiti scene, café hopping, vintage store shopping, vinyl recorder hunting, nightlife and music venues.

In this neighborhood, the best graffiti canvases are tattooed across the buildings. Founded on anti-establishment values, the quarters fostered the edgy Berlin Punk Rock scene, Bohemian circles, LGBTQI community, and philosophical thinkers. Closeby, you can find the East Side Gallery, which is the last remaining landmark of the original Berlin Wall, symbolizing international freedom and remembering those who endured the separation of the city for many years. Kreuzberg is where you can catch the exhilarating nightlife that's been high on your list. On the western end, something is brewing. The growing trends found in other quarters of Berlin have established itself here, with the new coffee culture, brunch spots, and boutiques.

  • Take in the great view from Victoriapark.
  • Waltz along Bergmannstrasse for some cafe and pub hopping.
  • Walk along the 1.3-kilometer East Side Gallery.
  • Have brunch at Nest Café, a popular brunch spot with a long list of breakfast options.
  • Dine at the Bird, a restaurant specializing in burgers. Beloved by locals and travelers alike. Try their glorious cheesecake!


Great for a stroll through the parks, people watching, and a plethora of cafes and restaurants, and currywurst.

If you want to experience a true mixing pot of cultures, then Neukölln is the best place to be. Open green spaces, canal walkways that invite you to sit for a pause, up-and-coming cafes and wine bars, this neighborhood is a diverse and eclectic hub. With a booming international community (English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arab, and Scandavian communities), Neukölln is the world's gathering place. It’s recreational space and large residential area (five different localities) draws in many young professionals, artists, students, creatives, and expats. Businesses are piling into this neighborhood, which accommodates to both locals and travelers looking to spend the day wandering the parks or browsing through the local boutiques.

Every corner has something unique going on for visitors and locals alike, which is why Claudi Sult (Berlin-based blogger) considers Neukölln one of her favorite neighborhoods.

  • Walk across the Tempelhofer Feld, a unique park converted from an airport, and enjoy the jogging, biking, rollerblading along the old runways.
  • Have a traditional German dinner at Café Rix (an old dance hall).
  • Walk along the Maybachufer during sunset for beautiful canal backdrop.
  • Ask any Berliner about their local delicacies and they will point you to Currywurst. Check out Ketch’up 35, which serves up German sausages with a generous amount of ketchup, Worchester sauce, and curry powder.

The neighborhoods are just some of the best ways to discover Berlin. To explore more spots in greater detail, download one of our Berlintravel guides

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