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Best European Road Trip Routes

Road trips are the quintessential definition of living the adventure. It offers you the freedom, flexibility, and control to take your travels into your own hands. You are not confined to one destination, and the opportunities to explore are endless. With this in mind, we’ve picked some of our favorite European Road Trips this autumn. Start planning your road trip and let your adventure roam free.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy

It won’t come as a surprise that the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy is a popular destination among summer vacationers. Since it is officially autumn, when kids are back to school, and the holiday crowd is back at their office, it’s the best time to enjoy a coastal road trip in the Neapolitan Riviera. Maneuver your way through the winding seaside route, find your soul in the kitchen as you perfect your Italian cooking, or enjoy the regional wine harvest and production season of Costa d’Amalfi. | Read more about the Amalfi Coast Route in Italy

Amalfi Coast

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland

There are only a handful of places in the world that summons a vast and tantalizing effect such as Ireland. A trip through the Ring of Kerry will bring you across the town of Glenbeigh (crowned a Jewel of the Ring of Kerry), then around the varied terrain of Killarney National Park, and up the castle ruins of Ballycarbery on top of the rolling, green hills in Cahirciveen. Roadtripping through this region will take 2-5 days and will give you a spectacular view in almost any season (except the winter). You’ll be welcomed with open arms from the Irish hospitability, and find solace in every village and town you come across. | Read more about the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland

The North Coast 500 Route in Scotland

Known as ‘Scotland’s Route 66,’ the North Coast 500 is the country’s response to a scenic road trip covering all across the Highlands. It has become the essence of Scotland, the route takes you through historical castles such as Donoch Castle, Stonehenge sites such as Hill O’Many Stanes, and even to Loch Ness. Uncover the spectacular scenery as you soak in the Scottish way of living, the rich and deeply rooted history and endless plains of the Highland views. | Read more about the North Coast 500 Route in Scotland.

Loch Ness in Scotland

The Golden Circle Route in Iceland

Ever wonder what it is like on the Island of mystic and fog? Escape to Iceland where the landscape is no shy feature, you’ll discover a vast display of pure nature and geological topography that formed over centuries of tectonic activity. Discover the jagged fjords, powerful waterfalls, black sandy beaches, lava fields, and rolling grassy plains, geysers, and glaciers. Of course, we’ll show you the best places to hunt for the jade colored Northern Lights, an excellent compliment to the beautiful Icelandic scenery. If you are a photography enthusiast, you don’t want to miss reading this. | Read more about the Golden Circle Route in Iceland.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Germany’s Romantic Road

For over 60 years, Germany’s Romantic Road has drawn millions of travelers with its stunning nature, deep-rooted culture and tradition, and welcoming atmosphere. The road trip starts in the city of Würzburg, known for its baroque architectural style, and weaves through a string of traditional medieval cities in Bavaria, before arriving at the iconic Neo-Romanques castle of Neuschwanstein, where the fantasies of King Ludwig II still lingers on. Soak in the history, art and culture, and the nature of the German countryside on this idyllic route. | Read more about Germany’s Romantic Road.

Neuschwanstein in Füssen, Germany

The Lavender Route in the South of France

As seasons change and the temperature slowly drops, we yearn for the fresh start of spring. It’s never too early to plan your future road trip on the Lavender Route. Plan your road trip through the south of France between Montélimar and Avignon to get a whiff of the fragranced villages, hilltop castles, and fields of Lavender that line the route. | Read more about the Lavender Route in the South of France.

Lavendar fields in Avignon

The Trollstigen Route in Norway

Norway is no stranger to an adventure-filled vacation, with towering cliffs, majestic fjords, and treacherous mountain passes. The land is founded on a whimsical geological landscape, which is why the Trollstigen Route will push you to your boundaries and test your limits. Tackle the route by car or bike as you climb the mighty mountain, zigzagging from one corner to the next. Push yourself to the extreme as you make your way through this thrilling route. | Read more about the Trollstigen Route in Norway.

Up the Trollstigen Route

The West Algarve Surf & Beach Route

Surfing & summer is synonymous to one another, but not in Portugal! The prime time to go surfing is actually the non-summer months, particularly in the late winter into the early spring. So if you're planning on hitting the big waves of the Southwestern region of Portugal, why not include a road trip along the way? Discover some of the best beaches and surf breaks along the south coast of the Algarve, with hiking trails and hidden coves to get yourself into the 'summer' mentality. | Read more about the west Algarve Surf & Beach Route

Ponta Ruiva