Welcome to the new way of traveling, welcome to the mobile Guidebook Apps!

The Favoroute Guidebook Apps are written by one of our many Travel Designers (travel bloggers, journalists, and locals) traveling the world for you to discover unexpected places!

The unique guidebooks are filled with routes, offline maps, photos, and day descriptions to guide every traveler along their route.

The guidebooks can be downloaded as app and are suitable for every device on iOS and Android, for smart phones and tablets.

Travel designer

Why should you work with us?

Our innovative guidebook apps are personal, interactive, and up-to-date.

We match you with a carefully selected Travel Designer (travel blogger, journalist, or local) for writing and promoting your guidebook.

We build, maintain, and analyze your guidebook app.

We publish your guidebook app in the app stores.

So you might wonder now... What’s left for me to do?

All YOU need to do is to share your guidebook with your customers, readers, and travelers! Easy right?

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