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Not your standard travel guide.
Get only the best tips!

Favoroute is everyone’s personal travel guide. Discover the most unexpected places through our guidebooks, recommended by our community of local experts.

We all have a different way of traveling, so everyone needs a different guidebook. Traveling with your family? Or taking a city trip with friends? Pick the travel guide suited best for your trip and take it with you on your phone!


We all know something. Let’s guide each other along the route.

The Favoroute travel guides are created by our community of Travel Designers (local writers, travel bloggers and travel journalists) from all over the world who like to share their explored and cherished gems. Travel Designers write for a specific theme, ranging from traveling with children to trendy guides, so travelers can choose a guidebook written by their preferred writer.

Favoroute timeline

Guiding people to unexpected places since 2013

Favoroute was founded in 2013 by Frederieke Wolter with the mission to combine travel tips from people all over the world with the technology available. As a result, Favoroute was born: a platform for travel writers to create, publish and share their best tips within the Favoroute travel guides.

Fast-forward to 2016: Favoroute has expanded to a team of 9 champions and offers guides throughout the world.


What we believe in

“Every journey starts with a sparkle. That feeling that you need to go somewhere. Because of the stories you’ve heard, the pictures you’ve seen, the travel guides you’ve read. The gems of your journey are hidden in the people around you. Gather their knowledge. It will take you to unexpected places, to a world beyond your dreams.”

Our mission is to bring people to unexpected places with our personal and digital travel guides. From breathtaking waterfalls to hilarious ostrich rides, from majestic temples to isolated treehouses. And don’t forget to raft that monstrous river! We all know something, so why not guide each other along the route?! With Favoroute you turn your sparkle into a journey to remember!